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Dear Chairman McIntyre:

I am writing in support of the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, a critical expansion of existing energy infrastructure that will provide Northeastern consumers greater access to reliable, clean-burning and affordable natural gas.

As we have seen with the recent storms that have devastated other states and neighboring regions, the security of energy supply needs to be protected and enhanced. A secure and resilient supply of natural gas is therefore critical. Incremental infrastructure expansions such as Northeast Supply Enhancement ensure that customers continue to benefit from a safe, reliable energy supply with minimal environmental disruption.

The benefit of a private $1 billion infrastructure investment like Northeast Supply Enhancement extends far beyond the natural gas consumer. Energy infrastructure investments create an economic “ripple” that is felt by construction contractors, as well as a wide variety of material and professional service providers, ultimately resulting in significant benefits for state and local economies. The design and construction of Northeast Supply Enhancement is projected to generate approximately $327 million in additional economic activity (GDP), supporting more than 3,000 jobs and resulting in an estimated $234 million in labor income.

In addition, I support Northeast Supply Enhancement for the following key reasons:

· Increases service to National Grid and its customers;
· Provide reliable supply of economical natural gas;
· Creates jobs for local laborers;
· Drive millions of dollars in new wages;
· Has the potential to displace nearly 16 million tons of CO2 annually - the equivalent of removing 3 million passenger cars from the roadways annually.

Thank you for your careful consideration of this important project.


As the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) continues its review of the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, we need your help and your voice to ensure the Commission is aware of the broad-based public support for this critical piece of infrastructure.

Please take a moment to sign the letter below that we will submit to FERC on your behalf before the (Environmental Impact Study) EIS public comment period ends.

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