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Dear Commissioner McCabe:

Please accept this comment in support of the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, a $1 billion investment in the natural gas infrastructure network in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey that will provide Northeastern consumers greater access to reliable, clean-burning and affordable energy. 

Earlier this year, our federal regulator concluded in the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), that environmental impacts would be reduced to “less than significant levels” with the implementation of mitigation measures proposed by the company and FERC.

Williams has continued to collaborate with stakeholders and environmental experts to identify potential environmental issues or concerns and has modified the project route accordingly. The final EIS positively reflects these efforts to design this project in the most environmentally responsible manner, demonstrating Williams' ongoing commitment to local communities. 

I support Northeast Supply Enhancement for many reasons, including:

  • Generate approximately $1.3 million in annual property taxes in New Jersey;
  • Displace nearly 200,000 tons of CO2 in the first year, ultimately the equivalent of removing 500,000 passenger cars from the roadways; 
  • Support more than 3,000 jobs across the tri-state area, generating $171.9 million in compensation for New Jersey laborers;
  • Generate approximately $327 million in economic activity, $239.9 million of which will be in New Jersey alone.

I hope New Jersey decision makers issue critical permits for this important project that our federal regulator has already found to be environmentally sound.


Northeast Supply Enhancement Supporter 

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is accepting comments related to Northeast Supply Enhancement project water quality permits. We need your help and your voice to ensure NJ regulators are aware of the broad-based public support for this critical piece of infrastructure. 

Add your name to the following comment directed at the NJDEP.

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